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Good Mornings

I started my day with yoga, Pilates, and a parfait for breakfast. How has your day been so far?


Food, Lately

Still no camera, still resorting to iPhone photos. I'm back from Spring Break, but here's a glimpse into how my week was spent: eating, drinking lots of coffee, and of course going to the beach.



My camera is broken. Two years after I first bought it, my beloved Canon gave out. I have my eyes set on a new T3i, but until then, iPhone photos will have to do. The ones above were taken throughout the month of February. I ate good food, celebrated my 20th birthday, and traveled around town quite a bit. For such a short month, I feel like I experienced a lot. Can you believe it's already the third month of the year now? At least spring break is around the corner. Hopefully I can figure out my camera situation by then.


5th & 42nd



New Year's Resolution: To write, doodle, and document all that I can in these journals. I want to look back by the end these pages and walk through my memories with new eyes every time.



While the rest of the world is freezing in winter's relentless prime, Tampa's weather has been nothing short of perfection, making trips downtown a day-long experience. I explored the river, Channelside, and central downtown for a few hours, enjoyed a live band by the park, and stopped for coffee in between. I am enamored by skyscrapers and endless crowds, and will forever be a city girl at heart.

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